Understanding Breast Cancer; Awareness of Different Types of Tumors & Stages, Emotional, Mental & Physical Toll of Detection, Diagnosis & Treatment in Stockbridge, GA

Breast cancer is an ugly phrase most people hope they never have to hear. When a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, many people don’t know a whole lot about it. Apologetic sympathies are issued, sometimes support and strength is offered, but if you or a dear one has been diagnosed, there comes a time when being ignorant to the subject has to come to an end.

Digital Mammography Specialists relate some helpful information about how real women who were diagnosed with breast cancer dealt with this disease.

1. Different Types of Breast Cancer Tumors. To the many patients volunteering to enroll themselves in clinical trials, and the doctors and scientists dedicated to conducting them, we first give our gratitude. Because of their efforts; we know there are actually several different forms of breast cancer, not just one. For example: some women have been discovered to have ductal carcinoma in situ, which doctors describe as Stage 0 cancer, where it sits inside the milk ducts, others ladies are found to have invasive ductal carcinoma. This is generally the cancer that exists outside of the milk ducts and is commonly more aggressive. Understanding the varying types of cancer can help doctors treat it and increase your chances of survival.
2. Breast Cancer Steps of Diagnosis & Treatment. Patience is a learned virtue. One of the most challenging aspects of breast cancer is the waiting. One will either endure high levels of anxiety while they wait, or learn patience. Waiting to know what kind of cancer, the stage it is in, treatments, success or failure, moving on to the next step. Where most are desperate to move forward, to do something instead of waiting, which is harder than one might think, patience is what you need.
3. Breast Cancer Awareness & Funding. There is a bitter sweet to breast cancer funding. Of all the cancers that claim the lives of men, women, and even children, breast cancer gets the most recognition and therefore the most funding. Many lives have been spared with the funding that has facilitated breast cancer research, but rare and other forms of cancers do not get nearly as much funding. More government funding needs to be established to help anyone suffering from cancer.
4. Breast Cancer Takes a Toll Emotionally & Mentally as Well as Physically. Many women lose their hair and breasts to breast cancer. Where these women are often grateful their lives were not part of the price, what patients and loved ones need to understand is there is plenty of confusion and mental stress that weighs as heavy as the physical pain suffered. In today’s society women use their hair to display personality, attract mates, and even for some as a kind of security blanket. Breasts are a physical enticement belonging to the female form. Now remove one or both of things and the emotional stress can be difficult to bear. Yes, hair will grow back, wigs and head accessories can make that process more approachable, and yes, implants are an option in many cases to replace the breasts, but what everyone needs to accept, is every woman will deal with these new changes in her own way.
5. Learn About Breast Cancer. Take the time to be more aware. Often breast cancer awareness is wearing pink and displaying pink ribbons in honor of breast cancer victims. But what we all need to do is take a break from the social media chain letters and pink ribbon collections and do what we can to understand breast cancer; even if you or a loved one hasn’t been diagnosed. Donating funds, educating yourself on the basics and giving support where it is needed is something we all can do.

Breast Cancer Awareness, Education, Early Detection Via Mammograms, Ultrasounds & Breast Density Assessments in Stockbridge, Conyers & Athens Georgia

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