Breast Cancer from Cell Phones in a Bra? Young Women Cancer Statistics

Do cell phones cause cancer? It is a controversial issue that has been discussed for many years, yet experts in the field of cancer research are still unsure of the association. But it does appear that one does exist, and it hinges on where you happen to carry your cell phone. For millions of women, especially young women, storing their cell phones in their bras is simply convenient. It allows for easy access to their phone and allows them to have both hands available without the need to carry a purse. Many items of women’s clothing are also manufactured without pockets, making a bra the number one choice for hands-free storage.

Keeping Cell Phone in Bra

Researchers revealed the results of a recent survey are they are astounding. As many as 40 percent of females in college environments place their cell phone in their bra and as many as 3% indicate they carry their cell phone in their bras for more than 10 hours per day. Many surgeons agree that women should stop storing cell phones next to their breasts because this practice could cause cancer. With cell phone technology still being relatively new, the truth of the matter is that evidence from long-term studies is not available and won’t be for many years.

Young Women Breast Cancer Statistics

Doctors agree they are seeing more breast cancer cases in younger women than they have in the last forty years. Many young women diagnosed with cancerous tumors where astonished when they realized that the tumor was in the same place they carried their phones. In fact for some women the cancer was the exact size and shape of their cellphone they carried in their bras for years. Yet despite stories like these, many women continue to carry cell phones in their bras and the practice is becoming even more popular. In fact bra manufactures are producing bras dubbed the “pocket bra” with specially designed storage pockets to hold small items including cell phones.

Don’t Use Cell Phone Bra Holders or Pockets; and Don’t Tuck Your Phone into Your Bra

Radiologists are diagnosing many younger women in their 20’s with breast cancer and not just small tumors but extensive breast cancer. Many of the women diagnosed are adamant that they tucked their cell phone into their bra over the area that subsequently developed breast cancer. And most admit to this practice on a routine and regular basis. Doctor’s advise women to keep their cell phones away from their bras along with other parts of their bodies until studies conclude a direct correlation between the close proximity of a cell phone causing cancer.

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Many cell phone companies acknowledge some risk of exposure. Apple for instance advises keeping your iPhone at least half-inch away from your body. Safety guidelines are still overlooked, with many cell phone manufacturers stating that cell phones should be kept away from the skin. Doctors, radiologists and breast cancer survivors are all in agreement – keep your bra a “phone-free” zone and adhere on the side of caution until research is completed and conclusive results either for or against the practice are available. Schedule a Screening for early breast cancer detection today!