Despite COVID-19, Doctors Are Still Urging Patients To Continue Cancer Screenings

Cancer Screening

According to a recent article by USA Today, data suggests that patients are discontinuing doctor visits and cancer screenings due to COVID-19, leading to further unnecessary deaths.

A recent survey suggests more than a third of Americans have missed scheduled cancer screenings because of COVID-19, concerning health experts who warn this could be another fatal consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

USA Today, July 28 2020

According to medical experts, a lack of cancer screenings during this crisis could lead to an additional 10,000 or more deaths over the next decade.

While going to a medical office could be concerning during this time, please rest assured that our offices are maintaining rigorous cleaning standards and are not connected to any hospitals or emergency rooms. To continue the support of providing cancer screenings, our offices remain open and ready to serve. Make an appointment today for your next screening!