Statistics & Reasons For a Call Back After First Mammogram

Going in for a routine mammogram is part of taking control of your health. Every day mammograms save lives. Most of the time, when you go in for a mammogram, you get a clean bill of health and don’t have to think about it until next year.

But what happens when you get called back because of an abnormality? Women’s Imaging Specialists is here to talk about the truth behind callbacks and why your initial reaction shouldn’t be panic.

Mammogram Call Back Statistics

Out of every 1,000 women that have a mammogram done, 100 of them will be called back to take another look. Of this 10% of women called back, only 10% will actually have cancer.

When you get a call back to take another look after a mammogram, it doesn’t mean you have cancer. It basically means that there was something on your images that they can’t decipher.

Mammogram Call Back Reasons

There are a couple things that doctors look for on a mammogram, tumors and calcifications. If a woman has either of these things, it still doesn’t mean that she has cancer.

They can most definitely be benign, but it is worth taking another look to be sure. When a woman has these two symptoms show up on her mammogram, it puts her at a higher risk of having breast cancer in the future.

Women with these symptoms need to keep a close eye on their breasts in order to catch any signs of cancer early on so they have a higher chance at beating the disease. Moreover, if a woman has one or both of these symptoms, doctors may order an MRI or breast ultrasound on top of the routine mammogram to keep a close eye on things.

Sometimes when something suspicious comes up in a mammogram, it is because the patient has dense breast tissue. This happens often when it is a patient’s first mammogram and there aren’t past pictures to compare to. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in the end.

How to Deal with a Cancer Diagnosis

If you find out that you have cancer, you will be referred to a breast specialist to make treatment plans. In order to make your appointment as helpful as possible you should consider having someone come with you.

It is easier to keep facts straight and ask the right questions when you have someone to help you keep it all straight. Make sure you take notes and ask questions to help you understand what the doctor is saying.

The more questions the better, to help you feel comfortable with the next steps in treatment.

2D & 3D Mammograms & Ultrasounds for Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Greater Atlanta, GA

It seems like there is no way around the anxiety someone feels when the doctor says to come back because they see something suspicious. Try to stay calm while you wait for your appointment. Women’s Imaging Specialists has the equipment and training needed to help you stay on top of your health and keep your breasts healthy as well.

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