Ultrasounds Reveal the Best Creative Gift This Holiday Season

For mothers around the world, the day they get an ultrasound and see that little baby moving on the screen, is one of the best of their lives. It is amazing that ultrasound technology has come so far that we can document every single detail of a little human before he or she even enters the world.

Women’s Imaging Specialists is here to talk about some ways to use ultrasound images as you give gifts this holiday season as well as the history of how it all started.

Ultrasounds are a Creative Way to Announce Pregnancy

What better way to let those you love know that you will be adding a little bundle of joy to the family than with baby’s very first picture? People find clever ways every year to surprise family and friends with this joyful news.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to giving these precious pictures as a gift. They can be put on a special Christmas ornament to freeze the image for years to come. Some people have their Christmas cards made with a debut of ultrasound pictures letting their friends and family near and far know about the upcoming baby.

Give the Gift of Gender Reveal with Ultrasound Images

Not only can you announce a pregnancy with ultrasound images, but you can have the gift you give to those you love reveal whether or not your will be having a pink bundle or a blue bundle. Ultrasound technicians can add short messages or small pictures on the ultrasound image that will give the big reveal.

When Did Ultrasounds Start & Who Discovered Them? Ultrasound History Timeline

In regards to high frequency ‘ultrasound‘, an Italian biologist Lazzaro Spallanzani, can be credited for it’s discovery in 1974 when he demonstrated the ability of bats navigating accurately in the dark was actually through echo reflection from high frequency inaudible sound. Over the past 40 years, ultrasound technology has drastically improved.

It used to be very hard to discern the image you were looking at on the screen. Now ultrasound technology is used to diagnose and monitor the overall health of the human body.

Not only is ultrasound technology used to monitor the growing fetus inside a woman’s uterus, but it is now used to detect any possible issues in a woman’s breast. Doctors can use breast ultrasounds to differentiate between cystic or solid masses. This helps women catch breast cancer sooner and hopefully end up saving the lives of women everywhere.

Ultrasounds for Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Athens-Oconee, Watkinsville & Eagles Landing, Stockbridge, Georgia

Whether you are getting an ultrasound to check the health of your baby, or for the health of your breasts, there is no denying the benefits of using ultrasound technology.

It is non-invasive and can be used to save lives. We all have women in our lives that we couldn’t live without and there is no doubt that you are that woman to someone who loves you.

Mammography and breast ultrasounds are a way to help ensure you will be around for the people you love for years to come. Don’t hesitate to put your health first. Get your annual mammography and breast ultrasound done.

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